HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. It refers to lighting technology that relies on an electrical charge to ignite xenon gas contained in a sealed bulb. The technology of HID automotive lamps is similar to that of common vapor-filled street lamps. HID lighting doesn't have a filament but instead creates light by igniting an arc between two electrodes. HID lights get their name from the intense white light produced by the electrical discharge(High Intensity Discharge). HID lamps are also called xenon lamps, referring to a gas inside the lamps. HID general lighting has been used for years in sports arenas and stadiums and high-end vehicles.
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-HEADLIGHTHAVEN.COM HID headlights are engineered using German technology utilizing a HID bulb that will illuminate the night with beams that mimic natural daylight. Our bright HID kits will instantly make you a more cautious driver by increasing your visibility at night.  Projecting a brighter light further out and also broadening your peripheral coverage not only presents things you normally wouldn't see, but it increases the amount of reaction time you have. The sooner you see potential hazards in the road, the quicker you can react. If your lights are dull and sometimes it seems like they are not on - then its time for you to purchase one of these Kits. HeadlightHaven.com HID Kits are of the highest quality - unsurpassed thought out the Xenon industry.  


 -Xenons can come in various sizes and colors. HeadlightHaven.com will personally select and send the correct xenon setup for your vehicle based on the model information. Simply choose on checkout if the kit is for your vehicle high beam, low beam or fog lights. No more taking out your bulbs or looking for bulb sizes in your owner's manual, we do all the work for you. All car bulbs are shipped within 24hrs from our warehouse direct to your door. If you need replacement parts for your OEM lights, then choose from Replacement Bulbs or Replacement Ballasts. Our ballasts are German engineered and have a lifetime comparable to factory OEM spec systems. Our HID kits go through extensive tests for quality and reliability before shipped to you. We have been doing this business since 2001 and can assure you will get a reliable xenon lighting product!

 -Voted #1 two years running for our sales and support. Our staff are knowledgeable and professional in meeting all your needs lighting products xenon and H.I.D for your car.

-USA based company and our famous NO-HASSLE, NO-WAITING replacement policy- should you have a part failure that is defective, we will have your replacement shipped within 24hrs of receiving your email.  All you have to do is contact us and send us a photo of the damaged part(you will have to cut the wires first) and we ship out the replacement.  Other companies make you ship the item back, this costs you money to ship and downtime. sometimes 3 weeks.  We don't like downtime, so our 1 year No-Hassle warranty is truely one of a kind.(3 years warranty for Premium Kit)

What are Xenon Advantages?

  • Very Easy to install
  • 1 year No-Hassle warranty or our premium kit with extended 3 year warranty
  • Waterproof and Shockproof!      
  • 300 % Brighter = 3 times the road you can see at night.
  • Increase peripheral visibility up to 70%
  • No filament to burn out. Xenon gas bulbs last longer than halogen.  Up to 10 times longer!
  • Produces an illumination much more like natural daylight.
  • Consume 35% less power
  • Generates much less heat – will not melt your factory housing
  • Luxury looks and performance.
  • Easy to use and install. All kits are truly plug and play

Can I install the kit myself?

For anyone who has installed a light bulb in a vehicle, this installation is considered do-it-yourself. Most vehicles the headlight bulbs are easily accessible, others you have to take the whole front bumper off. We recommend you check with your owner’s manual on how to install light bulbs.

Can I switch back to my stock bulbs after installing this kit?

Yes! It is 100% reversible and can usually be reversed in 20 minutes, depending on how accessible the bulbs are.  No cutting or splicing to install, very easy to remove.

What is the difference 6000K, 8000K, 10000K?

These numbers simply reflect the color output of the bulbs.  6000K will produce the brightest diamond white light while 10000K will give you a more blue tinted light output.  The lower the temp(k), the brighter the light, the better you will see at night.  The higher the 'k' the more blue.  6000k is the brightest and most common,  producing the white color that shows you have luxury looks and performance.

Do I loose my high beams if my vehicle uses 9004, 9007, H4/9003 or H13/9008 type bulbs?

No, all our kits include a high beam for bulb sizes 9004 9007 H4/9003 and H13/9008. The high beam is a halogen bulb on our regular and slim digital kit. If you are looking for an HID kit that does both low beam and high beam in HID, then you need to consider our Bi-xenon kit.

Why choose our Digital Slim kit over our standard ballast kit?

  • The Digital Ballast is the latest in HID Ballast innovation. The Digital Ballasts are more efficient, quieter, cooler and softer/easier on the HID bulb all the while allowing for a much smaller and neater package.
  • The Digital Ballast has the capability of self diagnostic and reset, including specific protection circuits to detect various lamp-and ballast-fault conditions allowing to safely shutdown or reset the ballast. 
  • The Digital Ballast is so small, it can be mounted almost anywhere.  We are so confident in our product, the Premium kit covers you for with a full 3 YEARS warranty!

HID will only work when the high beam is turn on.

This usually occurs with the H4 kit because it has a three prong plug rather than just “+” and “-”. Make sure you have
plugged those three wires correctly to their positions. Usually the combination is Yellow, Black and Red. For more
details please check installation.

HIDs work when the engine is off, but shut off when engine is running.

For some newer model cars (such as 04+ BMW, 04+ Mercedes & Others) the cars have onboard computers to restrict
outsource components such as HID conversion kit. In order to install HIDs on these types of vehicles, HIDs ballasts must be directly powered by the car battery using one of our additional relay kits.

The HID bulbs changes color when first turn on.

Reason: This is totally normal. At the beginning, the ballasts are storing the power from the battery of the car. Since
the power has not been stabilized yet, the bulbs will might have different colors or even flicker a little bit. However, as
soon as the power is stabilized by the ballast, the bulbs will become normal.
The colors, tones or lighting effects of the two bulbs are different.
For new bulbs, sometimes the colors appear to be different for the first couple hours of burning. The colors should
become similar over time.


The ballasts make electric noise when first turn on.

This is normal. HID ballasts receive charge from the car battery in order to activate HIDs.


How do I install the relay kit?

The relay kit is very simple to install and will guarantee long life for the HID kit and maximum reliability.  Just attach red wire to positive battery terminal, and the black wire to negative battery terminal.  Attach remaining wires to ballasts and bulbs

See Video for additional detailed Instructions.

The new HID technology gives drivers the opportunity to drive at night with true confidence they've never had behind the wheel. These HID bulbs last up to 10x longer than other halogens. Visibility comparisons in side by side snap shots consistently show up to 70% more coverage than the dated technology of halogen lighting. HIDs are brighter, last longer and even give you some flexibility in terms of the color that is emitted from the headlamps. No other advanced technology in the aftermarket can rival the state of the art characteristics of HID Lighting.

HEADLIGHTHAVEN HID KITS have been audited to conform to the ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management Stadards and have passed almost 20 strict tests like: luminance test, lumen attenuation test, working life test, water and dust-proof test, anti-shocking test, high and low temperature test, cold and warm start test, EMC test, high and low voltage test, ect. And by constantly imporving product quality and performance, we have now many product models certified with e-Mark (E4) and FCC certificat

Disclaimer and additional facts:
As with ALL aftermarket HID KITS, these are NOT DOT approved. They are for off road and show cars only but we have kits for every vehicle To avoid fraud that has happened in the past, The No-Hassle, No-Waiting policy will be honored 1 time.  If you have any addl defects you will have to send the part in for inspection.  There is no charge to reship defective items.  20% restocking fee for all returns/exchanges.  Returns must be in original packaging.Warranty does not cover breakage due to improper installation or handling. The installation is very easy but we always suggest using a certified mechanic. Only handle the base of the bulb. Do NOT touch the glass tip. If you do, wipe off with light coat of alcohol. The oil from your skin will damage the bulbs and this is not covered

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