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If you have tried to add Jeep Wrangler JL LED headlights to your NON-LED Wrangler - you know they are not compatible, the halo's will not work, and have loads of other problems.   HLH now offers Jeep JL headlight adapter modules that are totally Plug and play and will fix these issues. We even use the same connectors as Jeep(Mopar) so the adapters will plug right in.

We specialize in working with local dealerships on the JL LED upgrade, we have modified our original design. This is now, the easiest way to make your non-LED JL into the LED package you have always wanted.

If you want to convert your NON-LED Wrangler JL to the OEM LED version headlights, you will need these adapters.  Without the adapters, your JL headlights will flicker and flash and the high-beams will not operate properly.  This will fix all those problems.  No cutting of any wires.  To make the Halos work, all you have to do is attach the spare 'trigger-wire' to the parking light wire and you will have working JL LED headlights.     You do not need to reflash the computer from the dealer or purchase any additional software.  No instructions necessary and we will include our direct phone number for any customer service issues.

This new adapter is totally plug and play and will include everything you need to wire up your headlights like a professional installer. We have sourced the highest quality components and even use US Military spec wiring. Our adapters have fixed the annoying LED headlight problems. No programming needed, no dealer flashing required.

Everything comes laid out and all assembled. Just remove your headlights, plug in our module into the factory headlight plug and run our included wire right to the fuse panel. We include the spare fuse and wire. Don't get worried, it is such an easy fix, anyone can do it. Purchase direct form us, we supply our phone number and if any questions - we will walk you through it. This is a 20 minute fix and you are done!

We also have matching fog light LED conversions that are totally plug and play and 4 times brighter than stock!

1 year No Hassle warranty. 
Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping
Guaranteed to work .
These are incredibly popular right now, there might be a slight delay in shipping.  Contact us if needing expedited service.

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