Relay Wiring Harness with Resistor
Relay Wiring Harness with Resistor

Relay Wiring Harness with Resistor

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**If you own a Dodge , Chrysler 300, Ford 150, any Audi, Mercedes,Jeep, VW, Chevrolet, GMC or 2008 new cars or trucks need a relay harness for the HID, you need to order this item.**

This relay was specially developed for vehicles with poor electrical systems or for new vehicles with computer controlled lights which can cause flickering and dash error 'light out' warnings. This relay will solve  99% of vehicles with these problems.

HID KITS operate at a low 35w, your standard headlight bulb is 55w.  Some advanced vehicle computers recognize this difference and prevent proper HID performance. This relay has (2) 50W resistors built in to act like OEM halogen bulb. When the vehicle computer detects a normal bulb, it stops causing problems. This relay will draw power directly from the battery and provide the correct voltage to operate the HID kit properly.

A relay kit will ensure maximum visible output and extra long life of the HID kit.  This HID relay wiring harness is an important component in HID lighting system


DRL Issue?
If your DRL (day time running light) shares with your low beam circuit, it may cause your hid to flicker or not work properly due to lack of power supporting your hid system.  Using a relay harness will support your hid system with full power directly from the battery itself.


The HID Relay Kit has also been known to help the following problems:

  • Headlight Warning when illuminated on European vehicles
  • One light out in cold weather and where trouble is experienced with Auto-on systems.
  • Lights not turning when connecting your HID kit, found on many GMC/Chevy/Saturn vehicles and others

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