Replacement Xenon Bulbs
Replacement Xenon Bulbs

Replacement Xenon Bulbs

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border=0LIGHT UP THE NIGHT! HID BULBS are engineered using German technology utilizing a HID bulb that will illuminate the night with beams that mimic natural daylight. The xenon bulb also covers a longer and wider range of view, guaranteeing you to be more alert and cautious. Our HID Kits include award wining service and quality unsurpassed when it comes to xenon lighting. CE and ISO9001 certified to ensure safe and reliable operation for years.
Replace your burned out Xenon bulb with our German engineered HID bulbs.  Our high quality, low defective rate bulbs are extremely durable. Shockproof and waterproof, these are quality bulbs that will last longer than most OEM systems found on luxury vehicles.   All bulbs are guaranteed to be free of defects for 1 year and of course FREE SHIPPING.  We carry many different bulb sizes and colors - choose anything from a yellow all the way up to a deep blue. We offer different bulb sizing to fit your headlights - low beam or high beam, and also your fog lights.

*Bulb temperatures--6000k is most popular

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